Terms & conditions

Please read the General conditions closely before making a reservation. By making a reservation, you accept the General Conditions, as well as any future modification made to them and published on our website, additionally you have also accepted any other information found on our website and/or on your reservation contract.


The company Sarah shuttle transport S.S.T is created in 2008 and registered with the CRETEIL RCS with the number Creteil B 504 294 117, with its head office located at 5, rue Pauline Lacroix, 94400, Vitry-sur-seine, France. 
We offer the following services:

  • Private or VIP transfer services for travelers between Paris, Disneyland Europe/Asterix parks, Versailles, Fontainebleau and the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports.
  • Chauffeured cars in Paris or any other city in France

Our services are reserved for physical persons or for companies for their employees or representatives.
Clients must read the General Conditions prior to making a reservation. By reserving a transfer, the Client agrees to the Contract and accepts its terms.



Reservations can be made by:

  • Internet, via our secure reservation from, at least 24 hours prior to the transfer. They are subject to a confirmation by email.
  • Telephone, by calling 09 50 64 74 57, for reservations departing less than 24 hours prior to transfer or for destination not listed on our website.
  • Email

The Client must print their reservation confirmation and to present it to the driver at the time of the transfer.


Modifications can be made by email or telephone, without a surcharge, up to 24 hours before the transfer. After this time, modifications are only possible via telephone or SMS.


The reimbursement conditions in case of cancellation are the following:

  • Free cancellation up to 3 hours prior to departure (the transfer), full reimbursement of the transfer cost within 24 hours.
  • Less than 3 hours prior to expected departure time: the Client is responsible for all costs, and there will be no reimbursement.

Pick-up Conditions

Late Arrival:

  • In case of a delayed flight arrival, we commit to finding an alternative solution within 45 minutes after the initial expected arrival time, at no additional cost.
  • In case of any flight cancellation, the Client can request a delay in the use of the service or full reimbursement with proof of flight/train cancellation.
  • In both cases, the Client must provide notice of the delay or flight cancellation by telephone, email or SMS.


In order to ensure the security of our clients, luggage must be placed in the sections reserved for luggage – they may not be taken into the passenger section of the car, placed on the seats or in the aisles. 
The Client is fully responsible for the contents of their luggage. 
Luggage and any other item owned by the Client remain the responsibility of the transported person, and we are not responsible in case of theft of property and/or luggage left in the vehicle. 
All objects found in the vehicle will be returned to the company head office.


Animals are authorised in the vehicles as long as they are transported in adapted travel cages.


The Transporter subscribes to a Professional Civil Liability insurance policy, as well as a policy that covers damages, caused by the vehicle while in movement, to third parties and/or the passenger(s). The insurance policies do not cover luggage, personal effects left in the vehicle (loss, theft, damage…) including items “confiscated” by the driver.

Child seat:

The Transporter commits to providing, free of charge, seats adapted for children conforming to regulations in place. The request for a child seat must be explicitly made during the reservation process.


Sarah Shuttle: Vehicles made available to Clients conform to technical standards imposed by French regulations in place. We are not responsible for delays caused by traffic or force majeure. These events cannot lead to compensation in any form. 
Client: The Client must respect the planned schedules, as well as the arrival and departure procedures, stipulated in their confirmation. 
The Client commits to adopting, while in the vehicle, behavior that respects social norms and respects French laws and regulations in place. These regulations include, but are not limited to, the obligatory use of a seatbelt, not smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages, and transporting flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic substances.


The rates include taxes and are set during the reservation.


Tips are not obligatory and are at the discretion of the Passenger.

Law, Litigation

Our General Conditions are submitted to French law. In case of litigation, only courts from the Pontois region will be competent.


The paid transportation of people is a regulated activity. Only authorised vehicles/companies can provide this service. We suggest you beware of certain organisations that use uncertified vehicles, who are acting outside of the law, and who cannot provide you with any form of guarantee.

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